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Interesting facts about our School

Children’s activities in full swing at IH Novokuznetsk.

At IH Novokuznetsk, Siberia, a lot of exciting and innovative activities and events for children have been underway since June.

First up, the annual children’s summer camp was held at the nearby ski resort of Sheregesh from June to August. Local teachers from Novokuznetsk worked in conjunction with a native speakers to provide children with two hours of English lessons in the morning, followed by fun activities in the afternoon such as making films, taking photos, hiking and even playing snowballs (well, this is Siberia, and even at the height of summer there is snow on top of the mountains!). In September, after the camp had finished, the children were invited to a special reunion in one of the theatres of Novokuznetsk, where they watched the films they had made during the camp and met up again with their new friends. It was considered a great success by all those involved!

In October it was time for more fun - the festival of Halloween. While not widely celebrated in Russia, it has become something of a tradition within IH Novokuznetsk and is greeted every year with enthusiasm from students of all ages, and especially children. This year the teachers decorated the classrooms and planned lessons based around the theme of Halloween, while the children wore scary costumes, got special “trick or treat” presents (sweets, of course!) and even made cookies. Perhaps the most popular event was the competition for students to take the scariest Halloween photo. This was a new event, and open to all ages. The many creative photos sent to the school by the students were a wonderful thing to see; students and teachers alike were fascinated by the sometimes strange, sometimes beautiful, and always scary pictures which adorned the walls of the school during this period.

As well as these special events, the long-running program “Kids’ Planet” has continued to bring the school much success. It consists of one hundred and twenty minutes of teaching once a week, split into four lessons of twenty five minutes each. The program consists of four main areas: English language, crafts, drama/music and the science. Children improve their language skills alongside these other important areas, and therefore gain the knowledge and skills to improve their overall level of education.

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